Service-Learning Internships

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APPLES internships are unique, intense experiences in service for either the spring semester or summer. Students intern at a variety of nonprofit and governmental agencies, receive funding ($1,200 for spring and $2,500 for summer) and are enrolled in a service-learning course (three-credit hour course through the School of Social Work in the spring and a one-credit hour online course through the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education in the summer). The cost of the intern is equally shared by community partners and APPLES, each paying for half of the cost of the intern. APPLES interns are considered staff in their organizations and have a great deal of responsibility as well as professional growth opportunities. Interns also receive individualized academic instruction from a faculty member and hands-on experience that will help them grow as community leaders.

Apply for spring internships through the APPLES Service-Learning Program Portal Sept. 14 – Oct. 6. See the list of 2016 APPLES internship sites and positions.

Applications for summer internships open Dec. 1 and close Jan. 25.